Brocade Builds a Team of Visionaries

Packet Pushers Podcast and Network Field Day 7

“I think of myself as something of a connoisseur of procrastination, creative and dogged in my approach to not getting things done.” Susan Orlean

Network Field Day 7 has long since come and gone, and it occurs to me that I haven’t yet written anything in my blog about the event.  Some of that is deliberate as I’m putting a few of my best pieces out for publication to sites with a wider audience than my humble little blog can attract, but some of it is unintentional.  Some of it is just a result of the reality of how many hours are in a given day.

As it turns out, the toll of 12 hour days at a new job does have an effect on my motivation, and between that and some classes I’m taking at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, I’ve had little time left for family and even less for the random thoughts or screeds I tend to push out here.  The good news is the classes are ending soon, and the job will stabilize—they always do—and I’m planning on refocusing most of my free time on my writing.

So, look for a piece on Brocade to show up on the inter-webs soon—I’ll let you know here first—followed by some analysis of Avaya’s Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) and Plexxi’s affinities and market plays.  I’ll probably throw some random stuff in there too, just because I find that if I go too long without blowing the dog whistle about something or other, I tend to get punchy.  And nobody needs to see that.

In the mean time, and by way of a preview of some of my thoughts, I’m including the links below to a two-part Packet Pushers’ Podcast where a few of the delegates from NFD7—including this humble author—waxed poetic on the event, the vendors, industry trends, and unicorns.  I hope this sates the appetite for now, and know that more will be coming.

Packet Pushers Podcast – Network Field Day 7 Part 1

Packet Pushers Podcast – Network Field Day 7 Part 2

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