Virtualization Field Day 6

I’m sit­ting here watch­ing an episode of Top Gear as I write this, and wax­ing con­tem­pla­tive on my recent invi­ta­tion to both a Tech Field Day one-day event and Vir­tual Field Day 6. Both are being held in the same week, later in Novem­ber, and both are in the San Jose area, as per usual.


I am always flat­tered when I’m invited to these events, and I take the oppor­tu­nity seri­ously. Not only to I get the priv­i­lege of hear­ing from some inno­v­a­tive com­pa­nies doing excit­ing things (usu­ally before they are announced to the pub­lic), but I also get to be around a group of folks much smarter than I am. Many are friends, and the ones who aren’t prob­a­bly soon will be.


The Tech Field Day events are focused into some­what stan­dard break­downs of tech­nol­ogy spe­cial­ties, with Net­work, Vir­tual, Stor­age, Wire­less, and other tech­nolo­gies each hav­ing their own events under the gen­eral umbrella orga­ni­za­tion Steven Fos­kett has cre­ated. Being invited to the one day Data Field Day Round­table made sense to me when I got the call, as it’s being hosted by Cisco along with some of their part­ners. Being invited to Vir­tual Field Day 6 ini­tially did not make as much sense to me.


I am pre­dom­i­nantly a net­work engi­neer. While I have cer­tainly worn many hats over the years-from Sys­tems Admin­is­tra­tor, to Unix Admin, to con­sul­tant and even­tu­ally IT Direc­tor– and I play with Open­Stack and many other tech­nolo­gies, that’s largely it. I play. In one of my roles I did install and man­age a siz­able vmware instal­la­tion, but I am far from an expert, espe­cially with the tech­nol­ogy hav­ing moved far beyond where it was when I last used it.


I gra­ciously accepted the invi­ta­tion, but was admit­tedly bemused. Until, that is, Steven wrote to explain that he likes to “cross the streams” as he puts it, using a clas­sic ref­er­ence to one of the great movies of the 80’s. Ghost Busters ref­er­ences aside, his point is this: he believes very strongly that a more intrigu­ing dia­logue is cre­ated when he includes peo­ple with spe­cial­ties largely out­side the arena of the event he’s invit­ing them to. So, each event he throws now he invites a cou­ple of folks from other dis­ci­plines to par­tic­i­pate, antic­i­pat­ing that they will see things from a dif­fer­ent, unex­pected angle, and fos­ter bet­ter conversation.


Putting aside my trep­i­da­tion at attend­ing an event that I feel a bit under qual­i­fied to be at, and more than slightly wor­ried I’ll say some­thing stu­pid, or worse yet say noth­ing, I think this will be a great oppor­tu­nity for me to step out­side of my day-to-day world and learn from some peo­ple and pre­sen­ters that I oth­er­wise might not be exposed to.


The event will be, as always, live streamed on the Tech Field Day web page (look for Vir­tual Field Day 6) as well as live-tweeted, blogged, and gen­er­ally pushed out through a wide vari­ety of chan­nels. I hope you’ll tune in to see the pre­sen­ta­tions, inter­act with the del­e­gates by tweet­ing using the #VFD6 hash tag, and to gen­er­ally learn from some qual­ity ven­dors about their lat­est and great­est advances.


Note: I will be fol­low­ing up this post in the next few days with a more detailed break­down of each event, includ­ing the com­pa­nies and pre­sen­ters at each.



Cisco Live US 2015 Customer Appreciation Event Band

Petco-Park-Photo1000x1000 (3)

I just wanted to post a quick announce­ment around the band for Cisco Live this year. This is usu­ally a hotly con­tested issue in the com­mu­nity, with Cisco often let­ting atten­dees vote, and most of us look for­ward to the deci­sion each year. Well, most of us look for­ward to know­ing the deci­sion. Some­times the bands are great, some­times they’re only okay, and some­times they’re just a bit of a miss.

That said, the Cus­tomer Appre­ci­a­tion Event itself–where the band in ques­tion plays–is always a hot ticket, and one of the high­lights of the con­ven­tion. This year we’ll be return­ing to San Diego and Petco Park, which was a great time a few years back when we were there. It’s a great location–close to the Gaslamp district–and with a lot of closely sit­u­ated hotels.

The impor­tance of the close hotels becomes a key fac­tor, as the after-hours events almost always include a healthy dose of free liba­tions. It’s sur­pris­ing how many oth­er­wise reserved engi­neers lose their col­lec­tive minds in the pres­ence of an open bar. Maybe this year we can avoid a repeat of the infa­mous hotel room sty­ro­foam balls fiasco. If you were there you know, oth­er­wise ply some of us with drinks and you might get the scoop.

Any­how, with­out fur­ther adieu, I’m excited to say that this year’s band is none other than Aero­smith! Not a trib­ute band, or look-a-likes, but the full blown real deal. I have to believe that this is going to push more than a few peo­ple who were waf­fling on attend­ing just over the edge enough to pull the prover­bial trig­ger on a ticket. Last year we had Imag­ine Drag­ons and Lenny Kravitz, so my daugh­ter was jeal­ous. This year it’s my step­son who is put out. In fact, he made me promise that when he’s older I’ll take him to Cisco Live.

Any­how, that’s all I have for now and as always I’ll see you all there, roam­ing the hall­ways and gen­er­ally being social. For the many of you I know and look for­ward to see­ing every year, I raise a glass in advance. For the rest of you I don’t know yet, let’s rem­edy that with a glass or a con­ver­sa­tion dur­ing the event.



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